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Casa Lapis

Painter (1706 – 1773)


Between Gubbio and Urbino, in the historic lands of the Dukes of Montefeltro, you can stay in the complex of Casa Lapis in the historic center of Cagli. It is a small and ancient city, rich in history, art and traditions, that still has the quiet of the typical ancient towns of the Marche.

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Borgo Storico Seghetti Panichi


The Borgo Storico Seghetti Panichi lies on a hill overlooking the Tronto River Valley. From the historical archives of Ascoli Piceno, we know that by 1300 there was a “Castle on the River Lama”. This building was a watch tower, defending vast estates and the border of the Papal States against the Kingdoms of Naples and the south. The position has a 360° visibility, from the Sibillini Mountains to the Adriatic Sea. This monument of national interest has an architectural structure that shows the marks of seven centuries. The ancient crypt of the castle (now a large kitchen) has a typical arched roof. The oratory dedicated to St. Pancras was built at the end of the C16th, while the facade of the historic home was added in the late C17th and early C18th to make the castle more habitable. The villa dates back to the early C19th and finally, between 1875-90 the historic garden was planted by the famous German botanist Ludwig Winter. He was born in 1845 in Heidelberg, graduated in Potsdam, and learnt his art at the Jardins des Tuilleries.

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Villa Malacari

The Domestica Villa, today Villa Malacari, was built in 1668 by Andrea Malacari. It is located along the main road that, from the East, leads to a small village nestled at the feet of the hills from which the medieval Offagna Rock surges. The Villa is a perfect example of an estate-farm of ancient origins. On the first floor of the central wing we can find the real and true ‘home’ environment. On the ground floor are the cellars and in the lateral wings the oil mill, horse stables, barrel building and repair workshop, tools, farm carts and wheat stores are found. Due to its beauty and originality, Villa Malacari has been designated by the Society of Artistic Heritage as an historical and architectural asset.

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Villa L’isola

Ten minutes from Urbino by car, this fascinating 16th Century building takes its name from the shape carved out by the river Metauro (‘isola’ means island in English). The first part of the building dates back to the XVth Century, and was erected as a hunting lodge belonging to Count Federico Bonaventura , a figure of some importance in the Duchy of Urbino. It was here that Torquato Tasso wrote the celebrated ode to the Metauro.

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Palazzetto Gambini

The Palazzetto is set within close walking distance of Pesaro’s old town centre and boasts a beautiful 17th Century facade, in a street that is characteristic of this pleasant town on the Adriatic coast. It is also very close to the Teatro Storico Rossini (historical theatre)and the Music Conservatory, where an internationally acclaimed Festival is held each August in honour of the great musician.

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