“Draw up a list of all those wonderful reasons for going to Italy and you’ll find them in abundance in this barely known back garden sandwiched between the Apennines and the Adriatic.” [David Wickers, The Sunday Times]

In the Marche Region one can still find the ingredients to set off a thrilling jouney marked by unique and precious discoveries. The harmony of this region’s landscape has remained unchanged, thanks to the hard work and committment of its farmers, entrepreneurs and scholars who have managed to reconcile modernity and the respect for traditions.

A single stretch of rolling hills lapped by the Adriatic sea, silent hillocks and solitary farmhouses, neatly-grown fields and ancient villages lavished with art and beauty, make this region one of the most admired in Italy. Religious and monastic communities and great patrician families have left their traces over the centuries and especially during the Middle Ages.

History and culture have carved out a unique and extraordinary result which well deserves being discovered: very many art cities, strongholds, fortresses, Romanesque churches, sanctuaries, historical theatres and archaeological sites are spread out in the peaceful and noble atmosphere of Le Marche landscape.

The Association called Le Marche Segrete (Italian for Secret Marches) was created by a group of private owners of historic residences and gardens to promote and preserve the artistic heritage of the Marche Region. It includes many owners of historic homes and gardens, palazzi, castles and antique wine cellars.

We create tailor-made itineraries that provide the opportunity to visit private castles, villas and palaces that are still lived in by families. The historic houses are the proper stops along the route, they are not museums but living monuments  where ancient and unique elements merge with modernity; where art and history are entwined with the present times. The owners of the homes are exquisite hosts, the caretakers of traditions, great connoisseurs of the artistic and landscape beauties of Le Marche, a proper widespread museum.

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Tailor-made itineraries to private castles, villas and palaces still lived in by families