Le Marche Segrete
Non-profit association for social utility

Art.  1
An association called “Le Marche Segrete – Non-profit organization of social utility” is established in accordance with art. 36 of the Italian civil code, having its headquarters Castel di Lama (Ascoli Piceno, Via dei Fossi, no. 12. All the provisions foreseen by Legislative Decree no. 460/37 apply to this non-profit association

Art. 2
The association is not for profit and pursues exclusively aims of social solidarity in the fields of :
1. Education
2. Training
3. Safeguarding, promoting and valorizing objects of artistic and historical interest in accordance with the terms of law no. 1089 of June 1, 1939, including libraries and properties as described in Presidential Decree no. 1405 of September 30, 1963.
4. Promotion of culture and art.

In the pursuit of the association’s aims, it may, among other things, perform activities of:
– Organization of conferences, meetings and seminars on the topics and areas of its interest, serving to identify the propulsive elements of its institutional activity, with particular attention to tourism;
– Valorization, promotion and protection of the artistic and natural heritage of the Marche Region by reopening and recovering historical sites and parks;
– Activation of tourist, cultural and gourmet circuits offering tours guided by qualified persons in the cities, of historical villages, art galleries, theaters and museums, castles and historical parks, crafts workshops and wineries specialized in agricultural products; vacations in typical local structures participating in the initiative; and anything else necessary for the reception of the visitors;
– Organization and promotion of theatrical performances, films and musical events, fairs, exhibitions and events in general;
– Development, study, promotion and organization of activities and actions tending to involve the participation of public and private partners with a view to promoting the economic, social, productive and cultural development of the Marche Region;
– Promotion and advertising of its initiatives through the use of every form of media;
– Channeling and implementation of extraordinary financial instruments on qualified projects of for the development of cultural interests, by establishing an information office updated on all the new opportunities offered by Community and national programs;
– Organization of professional training courses for cultural operators, restoration and conservation experts in the field of cultural assets, personnel specialized in the maintenance of historical parks and specialists in reception and food service.

Art.   3
The funds necessary for the attainment of its aims will be drawn:
1. From the membership dues;
2. From property or contributions received by the association in any form;
3. From the profits earned at events and activities organized by the association;
4. From the income earned by its assets.

Art. 4
The association is open to all those, residing anywhere, who embrace the aims described above and whose interests are compatible with those of the association

Art. 5
The membership consists of
–         founding members;
–         ordinary members.
The founding members are those who sign the articles of association and join the association by July 31, 1999 following its establishment.
Admission to the association may also be temporary, with the faculty to resign.


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